by 2DA Analytics

Cloud-based planning & optimization app built specifically and solely for commodity value chains

At 2DA, we help reduce our customers’ operational expenses and bolster revenues by leveraging modern-day analytics in a simple-to-implement, leading-edge SaaS application.

BAYZYEN is built specifically for commercial teams operating across complex commodity value chains.  In Supply, Trading, Production/Refining, Wholesale & Retail Marketing assisting better planning, scheduling, and optimization. Highly automated and visually interactive, allowing users to work off the same data, concurrently plan and collaboratively “sweat the system”.  Helping deliver against objectives such as maximize integrated margin, minimize transportation emissions/carbon footprint, or simply to get inventory to a specific location as quickly as possible.

BAYZYEN acts as both an operational cockpit and control tower, augmenting and empowering the users, delivering significant workflow efficiency, and enabling better informed decisions. 

A digital twin of the commercial infrastructure, bringing together all your volumetric, economic, and environmental data into auto-updating forecasts, geospatial dashboards, and data visualizations.  

And because it automates many of your manual processes, your team has more time to focus on value-generating activities.  BAYZYEN gives you the power to unlock >40¢ of extra margin for every barrel.

“2DA’s team seem to have found one of those rare whitespace opportunities that can exist within the wholesale energy space – a longstanding business problem that hasn’t been addressed by a commercially provided technology solution”
Commodity Technology Advisory

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