SkyStep Orthotics ERP SaaS

by 2M Technologies

SkyStep is an ERP Application specifically created for Orthotic Labs and other Device Fabricators

SkyStep is a comprehensive ERP, Supply Chain and Order management application created specifically for Orthotics Labs and other Medical Device Manufacturing Labs.

Subscribing to SkyStep keeps you a "Step Ahead" of the competition and provides you the freedom to use the application without worrying about servers, crashes, installation, upgrades, repairs, CALs and all of the other added costs and considerations that are part of the joys of owning your own system.

SkyStep includes all of the features described in OrthoWare above but provides you with an alternate, more flexible deployment model.

SkyStep takes advantage of Cloud Technology - including scalability, redundancy and flexibility and scales effortlessly as your needs do.

Just subscribe and SkyStep’s power is delivered directly to your desktop.

SkyStep is delivered through the Microsoft Azure Cloud as a robust, secure and available solution for your entire enterprise. It is scalable from one to 100 users.

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