Integrated Audience Analysis

by Affinio

(47 ratings)

Revealing hidden audience insights at scale

Affinio’s Integrated Audience Analysis solution reveals hidden audience insights at scale. Designed for the enterprise, the solution turns incomprehensible amounts of consumer data into actionable insights. Our unsupervised clustering technology segments users into interest-based segments based on the commonalities they share. 

These insights empower organizations to: 

Understand Your Audience

Uncover naturally-forming interest-based clusters inside any audience. Gain a deep understanding of your audience’s interest & affinities in an easily understood & visually appealing dashboard.


Identify New Market Opportunities

Gain detailed views of how your brands and products resonate within targeted audiences. Identify new market opportunities by identifying the white spaces within audience segments you currently don’t have products or marketing initiatives for.


Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Boost your marketing efforts by understanding the brands to partner with, the influencers that matter most, and the best media channels to reach them through.  

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