Softrax Revenue Manager

by AFS

Revenue Manager is a purpose built solution representing a new era in revenue recognition.

SOFTRAX Revenue Manager incorporates the world’s most comprehensive revenue recognition automation engine. Revenue Manager is designed to bolt onto existing systems to make the transition to ASC 606 quick and painless, and to drive maximum automation for those companies that have already adopted the guidance. Revenue Manager sits atop an advanced revenue sub-ledger. It incorporates all the components necessary to ensure fast and accurate processing of your revenue data. The downstream result is summary journal entries that pass directly to your General Ledger. SOFTRAX Revenue Manager’s point and click configuration, integrated work flow engine, and powerful analytics provide the user with a solution that takes the arduous work out of revenue recognition and closing the books. Complexities range from company to company, but revenue software must be able to handle: • Deferred Revenue Management • Foreign Currency Translation • Separation of Performance Obligations • Allocation against SSP or Fair Value • Dynamic SSP maintenance and calculation • Significant Financing Component • Dual or Multi Book Reporting (Accounting Books) • Cost Capitalization • Automatic Contract Modifications & Combinations • Full Invoice Matching to manage Contract Asset and Liabilities disclosures • Robust Audit Support • The ability to support FP&A activities Revenue Manager has been certified by the top audit firms to be ASC606/IFRS15 compliant and to meet the Sarbanes Oaxley controls requirements.

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