Algo Supply Chain Analytics Collaborative Platform

by Algo

Supply Chain Inventory Management, Analytics, Sales and Operations Planning and Execution Systems

Algo’s advanced supply chain analytics solutions help companies operate highly efficient supply chains. Our data transformation platform leverages powerful AI and deep machine learning to identify opportunities to maximize revenue and profit, while optimizing inventory spend.

Algo offers a suite of sales and operations planning and execution solutions including:

    • Co-Managed Inventory, VMI and Scan-Based Trading
    • Forecasting and Demand Planning
    • Supply & Production Planning
    • Assortment Planning
    • Allocation Planning
    • Anomaly Detection
    • Lost Sales Simulator
    • Retail Optimization
    • Promotion Planning
    • and more

Algo’s Natural Language UI allows business users to interact with Algo using chat functionality and can be deployed within collaboration and communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Workplace and Google Meet.

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