AQL's SharePoint Intranet Web parts

by AQL_Technologies

AQL's intranet web parts for an intelligent digital workplace.

Conceptualized, designed, and created by Microsoft certified industry experts, AQL’s intranet web parts empower intranet users to communicate, collaborate, personalize, and engage while getting all required information in one place. With AQL’s unique and innovative web parts, you can:

1. Nurture a culture of team building, collaboration, coordination and motivation through the Kudos, Employee Spotlight, and Employee Birthday web parts.

2. Make it easy for your employees to find, analyze, and act upon essential information in one place through the Quick Links, FAQs, and People Directory web parts.

3. Post, view, and search for company-wide job postings on a single hub through the Super-Jobs web part.

4. Manage document permissions at site, and library level across all departments using the Manage Broken Permissions web part.

Connect with colleagues, managers, and other stakeholders through integrated social media plug-ins and communication tools like Teams.

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