Assura Case Management

by Assura Software Ltd

Want to manage critical cases quickly, with better resolution rates, and less risk?

We work with globally recognized companies like OSACO who help the United Nations (UN) safeguard themselves from human risk factors like fraud, sexual exploitation, abuse, and corruption. Assura’s powerful case management platform helps your organization address serious mission-critical issues – fast, with higher resolution rates, and increased employee satisfaction. 


OSACO Group Managing Director Jaydene Buckley, formerly a UN investigator, says their work is complex and global. “We recently worked on a case involving a privately-funded humanitarian organisation. Funding was paid off in bribes, and we were brought in to identify the gaps in their system and recommend how to fix the corrupt behaviour,” says Jaydene.


Improved visibility

Assura’s one platform approach to managing multiple business processes, unifying data and streamlining workflow provides a consistent user experience. Assura integrates with Power BI for reporting & dashboards. 


With intuitive workflow design and flexible mobile capabilities, Assura for government agencies and nonprofits is accessible and ensures everyone can participate in and go beyond mere compliance.


Ministry of Education – case management to help kids stay in school 

Sustained truancy has long been linked with youth offending and can lead to significantly reduced opportunities later in life. The Ministry of Education was seeking a comprehensive system to identity, manage and monitor referrals for unjustified student absences. But data from more than 2,000 schools was held by multiple agencies in spreadsheets or outdated databases – highlighting the need to compile all information in one place with optimized workflows. Enter Assura. 


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