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Remote workshop facilitation platform based on Design Thinking to promote collective problem-solving

We can solve any problem together and derive better conclusions together, so long as they are able to design the path and forge the connections to get there. 

As a result, Be-novative created a Design Thinking Process Management and Collaboration SaaS Platform to support teams in remote creative problem-solving, Design Sprints, agile processes, virtual talent programs and validation sessions, replicating in-person creative flows in a virtual setting. The Be-novative collaboration platform lets employees and organizations collect insights, reframe a problem to solve, do ideation workshops, discover new opportunities, and validate, implement and evolve the right solutions within a team or company. Companies can run remote workshops with a small distributed team, an entire organization spanning across the globe and beyond, engaging clients, empowering smart city communities and impact eco-systems, whether online or in-person and in real-time or asynchronously.
Be-novative supports 100+ Fortune 1000 companies digitally in creating a culture of collective creativity by connecting diverse groups of people to solve creative problems on a global scale. 

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