Better Digital Health Platform

by Better d.o.o.

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Digital transformation suited to healthcare’s needs.

The concept of the Digital Health Platform is that applications can be built on top of a common architecture. Using the tools and features provided by the platform we are proposing solution that enables:

  • Maximum vendor independence – openEHR foundation is open IP, meaning that migration from and to Better Platform is vendor neutral, and straightforward, including the notion of migrating to a non-openEHR platform.
  • Eco-systems of partners – the application development that sits on top of the platform is open for multivendor adoption and engagement. I.e. the applications can come from 3rd party, customer internal team, Better, or completely new development.
  • Scalability and economies of scale – Better Platform, with its’ maximum data set, supports all use cases on the data collection layer, in a single or multiple locations, across almost any number of patients.
  • Developing your own IP on top of the platform – using BPM and other associated tools, customer is enabled to easily implement innovative business models, care coordination protocols and pathways.

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