BindTuning Teams for Education

by Bind, Lda

Education continuity, digital collaboration, and support to all human interactions using Teams.

Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming the go-to solution for remote and hybrid learning with time-to-delivery being a crucial factor to avoid disruptions. At BindTuning, we work in partnership with Microsoft to deliver at-scale deployable education solutions, enabling full digital collaboration and maximizing adoption for everyone in the education ecosystem.

More than just classes and grades

Out-of-the-box, in Teams for Education teachers can immediately start scheduling online classes, sharing resources, and setting assignments. Nevertheless, there is more to a school than that. Support students, teachers, parents, clubs, and sports teams, while expediting solutions delivery at scale in your university, school or district.

  • Accelerate adoption with 18+ powerful apps for Teams, solving any number of educational needs.
  • Maximize productivity by bringing content into focus.
  • Maximize governance with scalable starter kits, pre-packed with channels, tabs, apps, and permissions
  • Redefine learning leveraging the full power of Office 365 with native apps that maximize the use of AI and Microsoft Graph integrations

Repeatable, structured templates for Teams

Lift the restrictions to real collaboration with ready-to-launch, pre-packaged Microsoft Teams scenarios. Each template for Teams includes a team, channels, apps, and demo content that can be configured to suit your users’ needs. In a few clicks, you have a repeatable scenario that meets your needs for structure, yet gives users creative freedom.

A subscription to fill all your needs

BindTuning Teams for Education is available as an annual subscription, giving you access to unlimited collaboration spaces for an unbeatable price.

  • +18 Microsoft Teams apps - An extensive apps gallery, providing unlimited customization possibilities. Includes all future releases to the gallery.
  • Teams templates - Create new teams using our sample teams templates, to quickly deploy common scenarios.
  • One, unified experience - Reduced learning curve by providing a consistent experience across your digital learning space.
  • Licensed per domain/institution

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

For a quick start, create your teams using one of the included templates. Alternatively, use the 18+ included apps to create your custom scenarios from scratch, completely adjusted to your education ecosystem requirements.

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