SharePoint Metadata Sync with Dynamics 365 Using Dataverse

by Brimit BV

The metadata sync tool lets you align SharePoint folders and document metadata with Dynamics 365

If your organization uses Dynamics 365 to manage business processes and SharePoint to store documents related to those processes, improving the way these applications share metadata will simplify your daily routine. The metadata sync tool synchronizes Sharepoint document data with data in Dynamics 365.

Imagine you keep track of payments made by an account in Dynamics 365 and store invoices for those payments in SharePoint. Brimit's metadata sync tool will give the SharePoint document the same set of properties and fill it in with the same data used in Dynamics 365. You can choose the properties to be synced yourself.

Once a Dynamics 365 record is updated, the changes will be automatically reflected in the SharePoint folder linked to the record, and the tool will update SharePoint metadata every time a Dynamics 365 record is changed. The integration is implemented using Dataverse—a cloud-based data storage used by business applications such as Dynamics 365.

Key features:
  • Set up the tool in minutes
  • Sync changes instantly
  • Run the tool automatically 24/7
  • Customize synchronization—select any object and any property
  • Synchronize data for records created before the tool was set up in your environment

  • Save time spent on data entry
  • Avoid errors caused by manual data entry
  • Centralize document management

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