CadDo Calculate

by CadDo Ltd

Actionable Metrics for Corporations, enabling Sustainable Profitability

Profitability is essential for survival...and increasingly companies are working to manage their sustainability too. For too long companies have had to use broad-brush allocations to get beyond gross profit for each Customer and Product. But it does not have to be that way. 

Imagine a world where your different teams have access to detailed, reliable and timely information. A single version of the truth:
  • Commercial teams understanding the true profitability of a deal and the impact it will have on the company's Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) score
  • Logistics teams knowing not just what a shipment costs, but its carbon footprint
  • Product, Category and Channel managers seeing how their products and customers fit into the company portfolio
  • Leadership teams seeing which products and customers are driving emissions, water utilisation...and profit

How it works
The platform collects data at the transactional level - down to every line on every sales invoice. That is augmented with master data, enabling a connected dataset of customer SKUs, business activities & processes, locations, people, carbon emissions and water usage. The model follows your rules and priorities to calculate metrics and make insights available in real time. 

Granular analysis for planning and reporting cycles drive :
  • Customer Investment
  • Revenue Management
  • Waste Elimination

Just as crucially, the reports and metrics it creates are easy on the eye, presented in a clear and easy to understand format.

The CadDo Solution
  • Fully hosted on Azure, using a full Microsoft stack making it fully scalable. CadDo will provide all the technology, management & support
  • Fully customisable based on your changing needs & changing requirements
  • Adaptive, enabling new features to be added quickly (days not months)
  • Client-specific reports, inline with your Marketing team’s requirements, with CadDo doing all development work

Your involvement
  • Send raw data as-is: no need to develop custom data extracts
  • Your IT team can play as big or small a part as you desire, from day-1 and through the course of operations
  • Provide new requirements in a flexible way (mock-ups, drawings etc.): no functional specs!
  • You focus on your business requirements, we do the rest

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