The Captivate Hub

by Captivate IO Ltd

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Expand Teams to live chat and chatbots via any channel such as Web, WhatsApp or Messenger

The Captivate Hub is a highly extensible platform that allows customers to easily expand their Microsoft Teams environment to live chat with customers via any channel. 

The Hub supports any size of organisation - it works for large enterprises, replacing traditional live chat solutions in Contact Centers allowing agents to answer customer queries right there in Teams. It also works for the SMEs letting customers chat directly into anyone's phone on Teams.

The platform supports WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WeChat and Web chat with new channels being added all the time. 

Chatbots are key to handling customer messaging and enhancing their experience and The Hub will support any vendor's technology.  Integration into customer systems such as CRMs is easily achieved via standard interfaces.

The Hub's inbuilt agents UI, Alca (AI Live Chat Assistant) allows agents to use natural language to add functions to their customer chats e.g. “send this user the application form” without having to navigate a live chat application.

Finally, since all chat data flows through The Hub, customers can easily extract Management Information using tools such as Microsoft PowerBI.

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