sureMission: Grow your Non Profit Quickly

by carefolk

Quickly brand & launch award winning web & mobile apps without the hassle & cost of building them.

Instead of trying to build and maintain your own apps at great expense, you can now quickly white label and launch an award winning support and community platform with your branding that allows you to build your community, support those who need it, and drive your key metrics. suremMission is an 'out of the box' social network and community support platform that a Non Profit can quickly brand and launch without having to assume the risk and cost of a technical build. At minimal expense Non Profits can brand and launch a web app, desktop app and mobile app (on both Android and iOS). This allows you to: 1. Have a sign in and up button on your website enabling them to capture visitors to their website that they would otherwise have lost. 2. Have a presence in apps stores opening up new community user acquisition channels. 3. Organically grow their community at no cost. 4. Deliver 100% of their content to their audience, without having to pay for it. 5. Deliver utility and support tools to their community driving engagement, donations, and market diversification (which is attractive for funders). The platform is intuitive and easy to use with a beautiful UI and UX, for the Non Profit, and the end user. You no longer have to rely on a 'third party' social network for community capture, growth, and content delivery.

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