Operationalize Partner Reported ACR (PRACR) Reporting for MS Partners

by Carve Partners LLC

Boost Your Microsoft Brand Through Reliable PRACR Reporting


Imagine Frictionless Selling with Microsoft Sellers!

Microsoft sellers have no incentive to work with SaaS partners who don’t report PRACR. Yet many who qualify don’t know how to report, and many who report cite it as an operational burden. Carve provides the solution for SaaS partners to report PRACR with none of the headache and all of the benefits.

What's our process?

Build your Framework
Engage with a Carve specialist to deploy our expertise, starting with an assessment of your data and building up to develop your PRACR reporting strategy. We apply years of experience to get your operations set up quickly. Already reporting? Let us elevate your existing process to new heights. We provide coaching to help you understand the broad business impact of becoming a PRACR partner.
First Submission
Our team of PRACR experts design, implement, and monitor custom reports based on your unique data needs. We prioritize both the quality and comprehensiveness of reporting to ensure your experience is as seamless as possible.
Manage and Optimize
Effective PRACR reporting enhances your partnership but can be labor-intensive and deadline-sensitive. Carve alleviates that burden, letting your value prop shine “tax-free.” If you prefer to manage reporting internally, we offer an inclusive onboarding package. We’ll train your team to ensure they're well-versed in all aspects of the reporting process.

At a glance