Hybr® MXP: Multi-Cloud Cost Management and Billing Platform


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A white-labeled SaaS platform to manage your cross-cloud costs, automate usage and billing reporting

Hybr® MXP is a white-labeled SaaS-based Multi-Cloud Cost Management and Billing Platform that helps enterprises manage and automate usage reporting, monitoring, and billing scenarios against your multiple subscriptions’ across VMware, System Center/ Hyper-V, Azure Stack Hub, Azure Stack HCI, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Open Stack, Veeam, Commvault, Windows Azure Pack, etc., with the built-in charge-back system. Hybr® MXP acts as a unified billing software that helps you track the metered resource consumption and bill customers based on their usage. It provides precise insights into the historic and current monthly resource usage and costs with a trend analysis report.

Hybr® MXP is further extended as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Automation platform for Microsoft Cloud Service Providers to sell and provision Office 365, Azure Subscriptions, and other Microsoft Cloud Services with a seamless reseller billing experience from a centralized place.

Multi-Cloud Billing for Enterprises
Enables Enterprises to seamlessly collect, aggregate, and chargeback usage and cost information from public cloud providers and on-premises infrastructure and services.
  • Flexible pricing configurations and rules with ability to mark-up or mark-down, enable charging back and apportioning the costs to various departments
  • Easily maintain hierarchy of billing accounts and map them to external public cloud provider accounts
  • Multi-currency support with ability to configure currency exchange rates
  • Generate unified monthly invoices/bills for the service consumption across multiple clouds and services
  • End-user dashboards and customizable reports that help end users get the data and insights they need in a few clicks
  • Rich admin reports to monitor usage activity and audit trail
  • Robust role-based access control with support for custom roles to align with enterprise org structures
  • Ingest usage/cost data from disparate sources through well-defined file-based and API-based import processes.
  • Export usage/cost reports in various file formats, or integrate with legacy billing systems via API

Holistic Microsoft CSP Marketplace and Billing Experience for Resellers
A cost-effective, self-service CSP portal experience for your customers to provision and manage O365, Azure, and other Microsoft Cloud Services with a unified experience. Track and manage multiple Tenant Microsoft CSP Subscriptions, and billing cycles through a unified billing automation platform.
  • Enable Self-service portal experience for customers that empowers them with a next-gen Cloud Marketplace experience.
  • Bundle and sell your own cloud offerings along with Microsoft Cloud Services
  • Battle-proven billing and commerce platform with flexible pricing profiles
  • System generated invoices support multi-currency and multi-languages

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