VConnect for Windows Azure Pack


Extend Windows Azure Pack to provision & manage VMs across VMware vCenter, System Center, etc.,

Cloud Assert VConnect for Windows Azure Pack is an hybrid cloud solution that enables a single-pane-of-glass experience to provision and manage virtual machines across platforms such as Microsoft Azure, System Center VMM, VMware vCenter, OpenStack and AWS. VConnect is customizable and extensible, and supports orchestration and request management workflows to align with ITSM processes.

Key Features
  • Cross-cloud IaaS Integrations
    • Provision and Manage VMs across System Center, VMware, Azure, AWS, and Open Stack
      • Create and Delete VMs
      • Power operations, Create Snapshots, Configure CPU/ Memory / Disk Space
      • Bulk VM provisioning
    • Discovery and Sync
      • Enable auto and on-demand synchronization of Subscription resources with source systems
    • Policy Management
      • Configure Quota Settings and granular control of allowed operations
    • Metering and Monitoring
      • Metered Usage Reporting
      • Monitoring VM Usage using Performance Charts
    • Scheduled tasks
      • Auto-shutdown/start/restart/suspend
  • ITSM Orchestration and Workflows
    • Out-of-the-box support for common operations & workflows
      • Add value with your own custom workflows in just few clicks
    • Built-in Service Requests
      • Automate custom support tasks
      • Approval Workflows
  • Data Protection Integrations
    • Backup-as-a-Service for VMs on VMware and System Center using Veeam or Commvault
    • Manage backup jobs / schedules
    • Restore to source or new location
    • Manage quota settings for backup jobs and retention points
  • Extensibility for Integrating with any Service (XaaS)
    • Use Operations Templates to customize provisioning /de-provisioning flow
    • Add custom or legacy deployment steps, such as, creating an entry in CMDB, Send an email etc.
    • Invoke Runbooks, 3rd party services, or tools
    • Manage Service Requests by integrating with any service (XaaS) using PowerShell or REST API
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