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An all-in-one HRIS and employee experience platform built for Microsoft Teams

EmployeeXP (EXP) empowers employees to live and grow with your organization with an all-in-one human resource, people operations, and employee experience platform built for Microsoft Teams.

EXP is your ally in structuring, managing, and centralizing human resources and people operations activities in an easy-to-master unified tool. We strongly believe that your people are your most valuable asset. Too often, organizations prioritize growth and capital at the expense of people and culture, resulting in costly turnover. EXP has made it its mission to support small to medium organizations in recruiting, managing, and supporting their people.

  • Start-up & SMB friendly: Everyone can own HR at an affordable price, in a flexible, customizable way.
  • Alleviate the role of a system integrator: simple integration with quick product onboarding without the need for IT support.
  • Take the basics of Human Resources to new heights with a suite of interconnected apps based on your staff's unique journey.
  • Foster and improve the employee engagement, in a physical, hybrid or remote environment.
  • Prevent employee fatigue and counter the Great Resignation movement with a proper HR tool early in your business's growth.

Go beyond simple integration. With EXP, employees and managers enhance and manage their culture and employee experience right within Microsoft Teams, with the ability to pull and send data to and from Microsoft Viva, the Power Platform, and other Microsoft 365 applications. This interconnectivity improves productivity, minimizes task-switching, and streamlines the data you collect about your staff directly in their Microsoft 365 profile, allowing you to use it elsewhere. Make your tech work for you in ways you didn't even realize it could.

In order to use this app, users must have active EXP accounts. To get started visit our help site for information or contact our support team.

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