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CB Exchange Server Sync

Connecting Software

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CB Exchange Server Sync synchronizes Exchange / Outlook users’ folders, contacts, tasks, calendars.

Stop missing important appointments due to overlaps in your Outlook accounts

You don’t need to log in and out anymore to keep track of calendars, emails and tasks. CB Exchange Server Sync keeps data synchronized over your multiple Microsoft Exchange / Outlook accounts: your time saved, and productivity boosted. This solution is especially practical for individuals who work for several companies and have more than one Outlook account. And it is irreplaceable for large companies which need to manage shared resources across separate business units. Now you can see everything in one place!  

Thousands of people already trust this application to sync or migrate their Outlook data, Office 365, and Hotmail Accounts.  

Use it either as a cloud service via our Azure-built SaaS portal, or as a self-hosted solution in your own cloud or on-premises servers. 

“I can make a change to one calendar, on one device and the change is made to all calendars on all devices immediately”, - Pam Cabalka, CMO at Chief Outsiders. 

“CB Exchange Server Sync helps users from different organizations to avoid duplicate bookings of conference rooms etc. and see accurate availability of shared resources”, - Alan Stone, Director of Information Technology, Iron Mountains. “It is the only product that I am aware of that does what we need and does it simply for a reasonable cost.”

Choose one-way or two-way sync and let the service run – 24/7. Real-time synchronization of your Outlook account is only a few clicks away! 

Main Benefits: 

  • Synchronize calendars, emails, tasks, and more across different servers or domains 
  • Manage shared resources, see free-time/busy information across multiple business units
  • Migrate your entire Exchange model to different Exchange version or Office365, with zero downtime. 

Get started in minutes with our SaaS service and FREE 30-day trial!