CB Dynamics 365 Seamless Attachment Extractor

by Connecting Software

Save valuable D365 database space by automatically moving attachments to alternative storage

All organizations reach the free storage limit in Dynamics 365 sooner or later. 70% of the database are usually documents and attachments which you can't get rid of - but they harm the CRM performance capacity and undermine its functionality.

CB Dynamics 365 Seamless Attachment Extractor transfers attachments automatically from Dynamics 365 to SharePoint, Office 365, Azure File Storage, or Azure Blob Storage.

It is the only solution on the market that keeps your documents within your environment – security & compliance guaranteed. ✔

For a personalized demo, reach out to our experts: CB Dynamics 365 Seamless Attachment Extractor Demo.

Wondering why you should move your attachments away from Dynamics 365? Here is why:

  • Optimize your CRM, email attachment & document workflows
  • Improve Dynamics 365 speed and performance
  • Improve document management & accessibility across your organization
  • Standardize your document libraries
  • Ensure data ownership

Why you should choose CB Dynamics 365 Seamless Attachment Extractor
    • Fully transparent & automated - Extraction requires no interaction at all. For the end-user, everything remains the same.
    • Covers all operations - Supports all standard Dynamics 365 activity entities, including Notes (Annotation entity).
    • Event-based - Service monitors all attachment-related activities in Dynamics 365 and triggers the necessary action automatically.
    • No middle service - Service moves files directly from Dynamics 365 to the chosen file storage, not using any component or intermediate service.

Supported Versions

    • Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM 2016
    • SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019, and Online
    • Azure Blob Storage
    • Azure File Storage

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