e-Share Secure External Collaboration Platform


Secure file sharing & conversations with external parties using O365 & your existing cloud provider

This offer is for a free 30-day trial of the e-Share collaboration platform, with your organization's branding and subdomain for all shared file URLs. This yields great trust on the part of recipients and eliminates the link blocking common to external sharing through cloud file storage services, including OneDrive.

The e-Share platform provides the following capabilities:

Secure File Storage and Sharing via OneDrive - Encrypting files and maintaining detailed access audit logs are foundational security measures to meet regulatory requirements for the protection of PII (e.g. HIPAA and GDPR) and ITAR-controlled data. With e-Share, organizations could choose to encrypt data stored in OneDrive while also enhancing secure collaboration with internal and external audience. Any links to shared files/folders generated by e-Share are never blocked by the recipient's organization, as is frequently the case when links are generated by OneDrive directly.

Secure Email via Outlook - e-Share's Secure Mail Gateway works seamlessly with Exchange and Exchange Online so employees can use Outlook Web or Outlook Clients to send secure emails. Organization defined policies are triggered when emails meet the desired criteria. Emails are processed by e-Share's Secure Mail Gateway and are stored encrypted in the organization's OneDrive. Emails are secured by access control requirements, including online editing with Office Online, optional watermarking, automatic expiry, recipient file upload and more. With e-Share, a secure email can be the start of a bi-directional collaboration with a recipient, increasing user productivity.

Secure Collaboration from Desktop - Users can initiate secure collaboration of any files or folders from the user's desktop. The e-Share client presents users with organization defined secure sharing policies and applies the security and access control options for the shared content. The shared files/folders are copied in a transparent manner to the user's OneDrive and the external collaborators are sent invitations to access the folder with the desired set of controls enforced upon access to the share files/folders by the recipient.

Universal Outlook Add-in - With e-Share's Universal Outlook Add-in, organizations have the option of presenting users in Outlook Web and Outlook Client interfaces with the organization's own list of policies to choose for secure emails. Installation of e-Share Outlook add-in is done on Exchange and can be deployed to all or selected users.

Integration with Azure SAML - Organizations leveraging Microsoft Active Directory as a user identity repository, besides using ADFS for SAML authentication, can now enable access to e-Share through Azure Active Directory for all or designated employees thus making rollout of the e-Share solution to end users a quick implementation.

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