CFOUR - Financial Consolidation Tool

by Eunoia Ltd

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CFOUR is a financial software for consolidation that assists inter-company accounting

What is CFOUR?
CFOUR is a financial tool that assists inter-company consolidation by centralising data from various sources. It allows for flexible collaboration to process consolidation faster and get accurate reports instantly.

CFOUR Stages of Consolidation
CFOUR instills simplicity by replicating the familiar manual process into the four distinct stages of the consolidation.

Collate The first stage in the process that takes data from different sources such as Excel or ERPs to one data stream.
Compile Stage 2 is the compilation of the subsidiary company financial accounts.
Calibrate This stage involves journal entries where inter-company elimination is logged and validated through a simple user-friendly interface.
Consolidate The final stage is to consolidate the subsidiary accounts into the holding company.

The CEO: Get a quick view of the Group's Performance compared to previous years, budgets and forecasts in a simple dashboard.
The CFO: Get a simplified hands-on Consolidation Software with an inbuilt workflow to instill collaboration between finance teams, leveraging time for qualitative analysis and reporting.

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