Experian Aperture Data Studio

by Experian LTD

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Combines self-service data quality and globally curated data sets in an intelligent platform.

Experian Aperture Data Studio empowers modern data practitioners to rapidly build the most consistent, accurate, and holistic view of data. The Aperture Data Studio platform is designed to help you tackle your most pressing data quality challenges, from gaining a single customer view to improving day-to-day operational efficiency and accuracy in reporting. We offer a full range of best-practice tools to support each stage of a comprehensive data quality workflow through marketing-leading profiling, discovery, validation, machine-learning-enabled de-duplication, and enrichment. 

Features & Benefits 

Faster time to value - Quickly profile data, develop sophisticated, re-usable Data Quality processes and share them securely with the business. Operationalize your Data Quality and deploy faster than IT-centric solutions. 

Automatic validation & enrichment - Continuously verify that you have valid consumer data to improve communications and analytics and reduce risk. Validate and enrich your data against Experian-curated data sets, enhancing your data in a few simple clicks. 

Intelligent platform - Out-of-the-box profiling, cleansing, validation, transformation, enrichment, and de-dupe. Hyper-connected to data sources and your IT infrastructure.  

Extensible – build your own sophisticated data manipulations. Augmented Machine Learning speeds workflow and rules optimization. 

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