PhishHunter for Commercial

by Forsyte IT Solutions

Built in Azure, PhishHunter actively monitors your email environment using known attack vectors.

Phish Hunter is an always-on SaaS application developed by Forsyte I.T. Solutions that detects and prevents the lateral spread of phishing attacks within an Office 365 environment. Phish Hunter is built on Microsoft Azure and uses Microsoft tools within Office 365 to create a robust layer of security for your users. Phish Hunter recognizes and acts on threats such as impossible travel, email forwarders, and other threats to prevent the spread of such attacks across your IT environment. 
Phish Hunter includes a flexible, customizable threat detection engine designed to monitor user logins, identify anomalies, and apply risk tags to accounts and sessions. By tracking forensic behavioral data, maintaining known attack policies, and logging signs of compromise, Phish Hunter dramatically reduces the time it takes to discover and respond to an attack. Control your environment with customizable settings including locking accounts, limiting access to accounts with conditional access, and contacting the administer of the event. 
Customizable options include locking accounts, limiting access to the account using conditional access, or emailing the administrator of the event. 

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