Fractal SafeStock

by Fractal Analytics Inc.

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Reduce safety stocks by enabling visibility at optimized service levels​

Fractal SafeStock is a solution for multi-echelon inventory optimization & stock deployment. It enables optimization of inventory to carry & replenishment quantities between distribution centers and evaluating safety stock by simulating inventory policies.​

  • Explore hidden patterns from data to identify pain points and opportunity areas for business​

  • Early warnings and decision cockpits for insights and deep dives​

  • Prediction of safety stock quantity based on historical demand error, shipments, orders, service levels, and replenishment quantities​

  • Gauging the impact & efficacy of predicted safety stock quantities on the service levels and recommending minimum & maximum inventory norms​

  • Decision tree-based model for prediction of safety stock quantity, Monte- Carlo Simulation technique to run multiple scenarios​

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