Dataverse Manager - Compare Data & Solutions

by Genbil Software

Compare solution components and entity data between multiple Dataverse environments

Dataverse Manager is an innovative solution designed to streamline the deployment and management of Dataverse solutions by offering comprehensive comparison capabilities across different environments.

This tool is invaluable for customers looking to maintain integrity and consistency in their solutions, facilitating checks both before and after deployment to pinpoint discrepancies and potential issues. With DataverseManager, users can efficiently compare a wide range of components, including actions, business process flows, business rules, entities, forms, plugins, and workflows, ensuring a holistic oversight of their Dataverse environment.

In addition to its core functionalities, DataverseManager has expanded its offerings to include two pivotal features: entity/table record comparison and Power Automate flow monitoring. The entity/table record comparison feature is a critical tool for customers needing to ensure identical data across tables, thereby avoiding data inconsistencies that can impact application performance and user experience. On the other hand, the Power Automate flow monitoring capability provides a solution for identifying and troubleshooting flows that have failed, allowing users to quickly address and rectify issues that could disrupt business processes.

By integrating these functionalities, DataverseManager not only aids in the seamless deployment of Dataverse solutions but also enhances Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) capabilities. It provides a comprehensive platform for ensuring the quality and reliability of Dataverse implementations, making it an essential tool for organizations looking to optimize their use of Microsoft's Power Platform and maintain high standards of operational excellence.
Functions are listed below;
- Dataverse solution component Comparsion
- Dataverse entity/table record comparison
- Power Automate Flow monitoring
- Schedule monitoring
- Solution layer removal

Dataverse Manager is compatible with all Dataverse backed solution like; Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Customer Insights and Field Service. Also any partner can easily use Dataverse Manager to compare multiple environments within different tenants.

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