GreatHorn Cloud Email Security

by GreatHorn

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Empowering security teams to more efficiently detect and respond to phishing attacks.

GreatHorn Cloud Email Security Platform changes the way you manage risk. By layering sophisticated detection of phishing threats, with community threat protection, user engagement and seamless incident response, organizations can more efficiently remediate targeted attacks. Using GreatHorn’s native API integration with Microsoft 365, your organization deploys in minutes, without changing MX records. 

GreatHorn allows you to change the way your organization responds and remediates phishing attacks. Instead of time-consuming and often inaccurate scripting or manual search and removal processes, GreatHorn makes it easy to find and bulk remove threats from user inboxes in just seconds. And, with pre-built APIs across your core security systems, organizations more effectively reduces the time to detect and respond to threats across your entire ecosystem. 

Detect and Respond to:
  • Malicious and Suspicious URLs
  • Business Email Compromise
  • Account Takeovers
  • Impersonations
  • Malicious Payloads
  • Credential Theft

Arm Your Organization with:

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