Accountancy BI - Drive Better Business Decisions

Hikari Data Solutions Ltd.

Business Intelligence for Advisory and Accounting Firms

In order to run their firms more efficiently we believe that advisory and accountancy firms need instant access to their data.

At Hikari we have worked with practice management providers and accountancy professionals to create an accountancy business intelligence solution which provides instant access to their data, a clear picture of performance and insight allowing all authorised team members to view dashboards and reports that are meaningful to them. 

Practice Management applications are the key repository for data that contains valuable information on fees, clients, billable hours, recovery, profitability and utilisation. Accountancy BI presents various insights and intelligence in a dashboard, allowing each component to come to life and bring business value to the firm.

Our experience to date is that many advisory and accountancy firms spend countless hours extracting and manipulating data to produce reports and analysis data. Accountancy BI gives you access to real-time, on demand information allowing you to create compelling visuals and reports, increasing productivity and removing the need for repetitive tasks. Having a clear understanding of performance empowers you with knowledge and gives you the tools you require to make the right decisions at the right time. 

Track progress, spot trends, and begin using your insights to drive informed, strategic business decisions.

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