Honeywell Forge Performance+ Industrials Asset Performance

by Honeywell

Reveals latent asset performance issues, guides prescriptive actions toward reducing inefficiencies

For asset-intensive businesses who continually seek higher equipment utilization, greater productivity from assets and personnel, and seek foresight in operational decision making – Honeywell Forge Asset Performance Management (APM) reveals latent asset performance issues and guides plant operations with prescriptive actions toward improved asset and process effectiveness. Unlike traditional machine condition monitoring systems – which alarm reactively and are unintegrated with the processes that the machinery serves – Honeywell Forge APM unifies decades of Honeywell process modeling experience with predictive machine learning analytics. This combination produces digital twins that so closely represent physical assets that companies can predict machinery availability, drill to the root cause of inefficient machine operation, and bring order to reliability and maintenance planning, process tuning, and design change considerations. Whether a company seeks to start an asset management initiative or seeks to expand on existing condition monitoring systems – Honeywell Forge APM delivers increased performance and reliability over any previous method. Honeywell Forge APM​ observed outcomes: 1. Break-through improvements drive fast recovery of APM investment. Average break-even less​ than​ 1 year 2. Recurring annual savings of $2-3M+ in small and $7-30M in larger deployments 3. Continual delivery of new operational intelligence and process improvement opportunities 4. Recognition of universal improvements for replication across multiple sites

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