IQ Invoice

by Infomation Quotient Software Services Pvt Ltd

Automate and Simplify your Accounts Payable Process

Almost every organization has an accounts payable (AP) department. AP represents a liability for a product or service that has been delivered, but payment has not been made. It is often linked to the issuance of a purchase order and proof of delivery to trigger payment. It is tied to cash management and overall costs as payment terms are typically a component of the AP process. 
IQInvoice is the only supplier & expense payments management solution to automate all phases of the payment lifecycle in one unified platform. IQInvoice makes it painless for finance departments to pay any supplier in a range of payment methods while ensuring all tax and regulatory requirements are met and enhancing the partner payment experience. Fast-growing companies use IQInvoice to eliminate up to 80% of their spent management workload, so they can scale their business rapidly and efficiently with global growth. 
  • Limited control and visibility of process
  • Vendor and AP staff dissatisfaction
  • Missed vendor discounts and late penalties
  • Long reconciliation and payment cycles
  • Inaccurate and lengthy closes
  • Duplicate payments
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Collaboration
  • Smart AP Processing
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Payment Agnostic
  • Fast Implementation
  • Streamline approval workflow
  • Integrate ERP & Internal systems
  • Transform payment processes
  • Expediting Vendor Onboarding
  • Optimise working capital

Advantage of IQInvoice across specific user groups 

Senior Management 

Finance Department 


Risk mitigation 

Real time data 

Better AP information 

Higher levels of financial transparency 

Improved cash management 

Improved access to AP data 

Increased cost efficiency 

Fewer errors 

Less time spent on low value tasks 

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