APPCRO BMS platform (Business Management Software)


APPCRO BMS platform - Award Winning 20in1 Business Management Software (CRM, DMS, ECM, PM, HRM, ERP)

APPCRO BMS is a modern multi-functional Business Management Software (BMS) platform that includes 20 fully integrated modular subsystems and more than 250+ modules for collaboration, communication, and management of the entire business.

The APPCRO BMS platform has won the prestigious EuroCloud Europe Award for Best European Software.

Info about the APPCRO BMS platform you can find here:

Why you should consider the APPCRO BMS platform as your BEST software choice:

  1. Business Management SW solution with 20 subsystems and 250+ tools and modules.
  2. Improve fast more than 50 business processes in your organization.
  3. Consolidates, optimizes, and reduces the IT SW infrastructure of the company.
  4. By the EU GDPR data protection regulation standards.
  5. Easy integrations with different software products (ERP, DMS, HRM, CRM, etc.)
  6. Flexible modern architecture based on web services and plug-in management.
  7. Multilingual & globally available over our partners or Microsoft Azure platform.
  8. Fully responsive design (adaptable for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices).
  9. Different platform versions are suitable for small, middle, and big organizations.
  10. Intuitive, simple & unique out-of-the-box Cloud-based BMS platform.
  11. Multi-org & Multi-company support (one system for all related companies).
  12. Combines in one platform & one interface solutions such as CRM, DMS, RMS, ECM, CMS, HRM, PM, BPM, and ITSM.

Within the same interface, the APPCRO BMS contains the following 20 subsystems:

  1. APPCRO Core (tasks, events, contacts, products, notes, etc.).
  2. Marketing Management.
  3. Sales Management.
  4. Contract Management.
  5. Project Management.
  6. Human Resource Management (HRM).
  7. Invoice (AR, AP) Management with invoice verification.
  8. Service Desk support with SD portal.
  9. 360-degree (customer & supplier view).
  10. Contact center (calls preview, recording, and recognition of the caller).
  11. Records & Case Management (RMS).
  12. Document Management (DMS).
  13. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).
  14. Intranet portal.
  15. Email ticketing and tracking system.
  16. Governance and Compliance Manager (GRC).
  17. External portals (for clients, suppliers, employees).
  18. Procurement Management.
  19. GDPR Manager (Data Privacy Manager).
  20. Warehouse Management (WMS).

The APPCRO BMS has grown into a global solution we offer through Cloud or On-Premise Standalone versions offered and implemented by our global partners and throw our Cloud SaaS model.

Feel free to contact us and get a 30-day free trial or Live Demo insight here: APPCRO Cloud Manager (

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