ZenCRM Business Line - Pro Edition


Sales Edition+Marketing Edition. The sales-focused CRM solution based on the Lead to Cash process.

ZenCRM is a software application that helps companies to manage interactions with their customers, in order to keep track of all sales stages and safely reach the goal of sales conversion.
It is beneficial for almost all companies because dealing with customers means:
  • building long-lasting relationships
  • focusing on customers’ needs
  • managing sales opportunities and ongoing contracts.
It involves a real business strategy to be fully rolled-out, in order to reach satisfying sales profits and obtain customer loyalty. ZenCRM software can integrate with websites, social media and lead generation tools, thus allowing companies to manage incoming contacts and requests for quotation.

Adopting ZenCRM has a significant impact on sales, beginning with website visitors' information that can be used both by marketing teams to improve communication strategies and by salespeople to reach potential customers leveraging their needs.

ZenCRM is the first Lead to Cash-based web application, an excellent Italian solution that allows companies to manage the complete sales process from lead generation to invoice payment.
Focused on process automation, it is part of the ZenShare Suite which obtained most relevant certifications to offer the highest data security for all of its solutions.

ZenShare Suite is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Provider to optimize costs, boost performances and shrink problems. Moreover, ZenShare Suite is integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, to enable single sign-on of users.

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Several companies have already chosen ZenShare Suite: Convatec, Cerved Group, Fater, De Cecco, Gardant, Gruppo Sole 24 Ore, Rina Prime Property, Kiton, Gruppo Camst, Fujifilm, Hydro, Hanon Systems, Barcelò, Amadeus, Gardant, Seri Industrial, Magna Powertrain, Banca CF+, Elcon Megarad.
Different economic sectors are using ZenShare Suite, such as Technology, Services, Publishing, Public, Manufacturing, Health, Finance, Environment, Engineering, Energy.

About ZenShare Suite

Today ZenShare Suite has more than 240 customers, more than 10.000 users and more than 1.600 managed company accounts.
Furthermore, Interzen and ZenShare Suite gained several relevant certifications because our work is based on the goal of offering and guaranteeing certified quality services to our customers:
  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality of Organization
  • ISO 27001:2017 – Information Security Management System (ISMS) - (upcoming in Q1 2023)
  • SDI and NSO Accreditations
  • AGID AP (Access Point) e SMP Peppol (Service Metadata Publisher) qualification
  • MEPA - Electronic Market of the Public Administration - Online purchases
  • SaaS AgID qualification
  • Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

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