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Skype for Business/Teams - Testing Solutions


Experience Management, Scalability and Availability testing with IR Testing Services.

IR's cloud-based testing services provide comprehensive experience management testing services for every stage of the communications solution life cycle.

Prognosis HeartBeat™ for Voice HeartBeat ensures you can maintain the quality of the user experience once you’re confident customer interactions are performing as you intended.

You decide if HeartBeat runs every hour, day or week, completely removing the need for repetitious manual testing.

Prognosis StressTest™ for Voice gives you the insight you need to understand, manage, tune and verify contact center performance under load.

IVR and contact center systems are tested from the outside-in, giving the customers’ perspective of performance under real-world conditions.

We test a broad selection of communications technologies including POTS, TDM, VoIP, SIP and WebRTC across ACDs, PBXs and IVRs.