Capture as a Service


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Offer Web-based or mobile interactive services to customers & citizens and streamline processes

In an information age, data drives and fuels business processes and decisions. Accurate and comprehensive data is a critical asset for any organization to gain competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction and retention. Meeting these objectives in a data-driven economy requires real-time access to all incoming data, which is quite a challenge when considerable information still resides in unstructured formats.

ITESOFT Capture as a Service provides unmatched capability of digitizing, understanding and categorizing this unstructured content as well as extracting and validating its relevant data. 

Backed up by ITESOFT’s 30+ years of expertise in document processing (with corporates processing 1+ billion documents per year with ITESOFT technology with the highest level of service), Capture as a Service combines:
  • Unique document processing technologies (OCRs, IAs and expert systems) delivering the best automation performances in the market, as testified by ITESOFT n°1 ranking in the international Pentadoc benchmark for information capture solutions.
  • Pre-trained ready-to-use document libraries speeding up project implementation and enabling faster and more cost-efficient performances.
  • Capability to combine mutualized libraries with an organization’s own set of specific documents.
  • Permanent monitoring of pre-trained libraries operated by ITESOFT in order to improve document recognition and data extraction capabilities.

Targeted markets:
  • Banks & financial services.
  • Insurance & healthcare companies.
  • Government.
  • B2C corporates.

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