Keboola Digital Sandbox

by Keboola

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An experimentation environment to test out new Fintechs (POCs) and deploy them into production.

Financial institutions agree they must innovate at an increasingly rapid pace just to keep up with the marketplace, but how do they do this in the face of regulations, legacy systems, and cost pressures? Especially as the rate of prototyping and testing new emerging technologies in Machine Learning and AI can make the difference between finding a significant advantage and lagging behind the competition.

Keboola’s Digital Sandbox provides a secure environment for innovation with an out-of-the box infrastructure for data acquisition, cataloging and sharing into protected data-science workspaces and application testing and development environments. By automating all the support tasks, all resources can be focused on innovation, while maintaining a complete audit trail of data usage and pilots. Innovation departments are able to test and pilot internal initiatives as well as external FinTechs without impacting ITs development cycle.

How it works:

We begin by having a strategy session about how to deploy the Digital Sandbox solution in accordance with your department’s security and compliance standards. Once that is complete, we deploy theDigital Sandbox solution and set up the data acquisition from the department’s systems such as CRM, e-mailing platform, call center software, marketing automation, etc. into existing dashboards or custom Power BI dashboards. Lastly, we train the department on how to manage the data and iterate the dashboards.

Business Outcomes you Achieve:

  • Massive acceleration of data innovation cycle and broader internal buy-in
  • Simplified accessibility of data and reduced cross-department cycles
  • Fingerprinting of data touchpoints for security monitoring and cost assignment
  • Direct and opportunity cost savings in IT department by:
    • Enable faster identification of quick Fintech POC wins and identify potential failures early and cheaply
    • Regularly update and re-balance your bank's portfolio of pilots to optimize its total expected value

Keboola is a data operations platform that enables banks to scale business insights and revenue through automated workflows and experimentation. The powerful platform has helped some of the world's largest companies rapidly transition from ad hoc spreadsheets to centralized access and state-of-the-art data governance, visibility, and control. For more info, visit


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