Keboola Risk Innovation Workbench

by Keboola

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Risk Innovation Workbench productizes Risk models for embedding anywhere inside the organization.

Financial institutions invest heavily in the Risk function; yet distributing this Risk intellectual property and its associated best practices is a challenge. The net result is that banks do not realize the full potential impact of their Risk investments — both in reducing losses, and increasing profitability. This benefit accrues not only through distributed embedding of these models where they can unlock new unrealized benefit, but also, by automating the ongoing refresh of the risk IP in these models so they are always up to date, wherever they are embedded.

Keboola’s Risk Innovation Workbench provides a secure environment for innovation with an out-of-the box infrastructure for data acquisition, cataloging and sharing into protected data-science workspaces and application testing and development environments. By automating all the support tasks, all resources can be focused on innovation, while maintaining a complete audit trail of data usage and pilots. Risk departments are able to develop, test and deploy Risk models rapidly without impacting ITs development cycle.

How it works:

We begin by having a strategy session about how to deploy the Risk Innovation Workbench solution in accordance with your department’s security and compliance standards. Once that is complete, we deploy the Workbench solution and set up the data acquisition from the department’s systems such as CRM, emailing platform, call center software, marketing automation, etc. into a Data Catalog accessible from included data science workplaces used for development and deployment of the models.

Business Outcomes you Achieve:

  • Massive acceleration of Risk innovation cycle and broader internal buy-in
  • Simplified accessibility of data and reduced cross-department cycles
  • Fingerprinting of data touchpoints for security monitoring and cost assignment
  • Productization of Risk department’s own IP for maximum impact for wherever in the bank it can be embedded for:
    • Greater profitability
    • Risk informed marketing offers
    • Lower default rates
    • Early detection of threats
    • Service efficiency through automated escalations and focus of service personnel on cases where it brings the most impact

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