KMS Lighthouse Integration Add-On for Microsoft Teams

by KMS Lighthouse LTD

Enhance employee productivity and consistency with KMS Lighthouse's Integration for Microsoft Teams

KMS Lighthouse's integration for Microsoft Teams offers a seamless solution to enhance employee productivity and consistency. It addresses common challenges such as wasted time spent searching for information and the potential for errors in accessing knowledge.

With the pre-built connector, users gain easy access to their organizations KMS Lighthouse deployment, without leaving the Microsoft Teams environment. This integration empowers employees by providing the option to search for and access relevant knowledge snippets and decision trees directly within Teams. By eliminating the need to switch between different applications or platforms, users can save valuable time and streamline their workflow.

Users have the option of retrieving knowledge content within an interaction in Teams or a separate conversation solely with the KMS Lighthouse solution.

To benefit from this integration, organizations need to have a KMS Lighthouse SaaS subscription and undergo the deployment process.

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