Fulcrum - Enabling Smart Construction Management

by LeapThought NZ Ltd

Award winning construction project collaboration platform

Fulcrum, LeapThought’s award winning Construction Management system, brings the best of both BIM and Document centric worlds together enabling consistent, streamlined, transparent and compliant project delivery underpinned by a robust Common Data Environment (CDE) that serves a living memory for all projects from design, delivery, through to operations and beyond.

Through Transmittals, Submittals and Mail, as well as collaborating through comments/mark-ups, Fulcrum offers a 360-degree capability for all project collaboration needs and contexts for all parties involved, with complete traceability and auditability.

Fulcrum’s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is PAS1192 compliant with features that promote collaboration across teams; providing a single source of truth, improving accuracy, reducing errors such as clashes and coordination issues and maximizing time and cost efficiencies. Fulcrum’s VDC layout provides a hierarchical view allowing the project team to access published multi-disciplinary federated models that are made up of separate discipline models, documents, mail, comments and other data. Co-sharing allows dispersed teams to work on different sections, elements or worksheets, and synchronize them back with the central models stored within Fulcrum.

Fulcrum Field offers onsite staff the ability to create, track and resolve defects, conduct quality surveys by being able to access BIM models and drawings natively on iOS and Android devices. Fulcrum Field offers an offline mode where BIM models, drawings, defects and issues can be loaded prior to going on site and work on them remotely and synchronize back when connectivity is available.

Comments, annotations and mark-ups made by the design teams and users that don’t need design tools - a powerful browser-based viewer and mobile app allows all project team members to collaborate through comments, annotations and mark-ups. These are stored centrally within Fulcrum and are directly visible in the design tools for design teams to incorporate feedback received. The comments can also be closed off individually and revised models can be issued back to the wider project team for their review. The comments/mark-ups and annotations can be tracked based on their statuses (open/closed/reviewed etc.).

Through Fulcrum’s CDE Work In Progress areas, internal and external design teams can collaborate simultaneously editing the same model. Fulcrum’s mail capability tracks all actions and notifies users of mail which requires their attention. Easily find information within the Fulcrum CDE as all mail, comments, annotations, drawings, documents and metadata are searchable.

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