LTAPPS Approval Hub


A software solution that allows users to create, manage requests from a centralized platform

LTAPPS Approval Hub is a software solution that allows users to create, manage, and share approval requests from a centralized platform. Approval requests are documents or tasks that require the consent or authorization of one or more approvers before they can be executed or completed. Examples of approval requests include purchase orders, expense reports, leave requests, contracts, invoices, and more.
LTAPPS Approval Hub app can benefit both employees and managers by simplifying the process of requesting and approving the request, reducing errors and delays, increasing transparency and accountability, and improving employee satisfaction and productivity.
Also, define the sale process to track the activities with the customer from having an appointment to the final settlement
Can use the app via desktop, mobile, web app, or platforms such as O365 apps, SharePoint, or Microsoft Teams.

Key Features of the App
  • Mobile app to apply and approve the requests from anywhere and anytime
  • Custom the approval workflow to define multi-step approval processes with unlimited steps
  • Custom form to design the request form with unlimited fields
  • Approval flow to let managers review, approve, or reject the request in a unified view
  • Delegation to re-assign the task to another
  • Submit on behalf to allow the manager, human resources, or administrator to submit the request on behalf of employees
  • Add to Outlook to sync the request from the app to Microsoft Outlook & Microsoft Teams
  • Discussion to communicate between requester & approvers via the message
  • Notifications to send alerts and reminders to employees and managers about leave requests and approvals
  • Integrations to connect the Approval Hub app with other apps via Power Apps
  • Attachments to allow employees to upload supporting documents
  • Translation to translate English to the current language
  • Retroactive to update the old data

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