Staff Check In-Out


Staff check in out with GPS

Staff check in-out where staff can check in-out with a location (GPS) and other details directly from Microsoft SharePoint & Teams
With the app, the managers or human resources can manage the check in-out of the employee at the correct time & location

Key Features of the add-in
  • Allows the employee to check in-out with a GPS location
  • Allows the managers/human resources to schedule tasks
  • Allows validating the employee check in-out to ensure correct or incorrect time/location
  • Export to the excel file
  • Allows changing the date-time format
  • Translation feature
  • Support multi-devices (Desktop - Mobile)

The technical of the app that based on the SharePoint Framework app of Microsoft. All components are deployed and hosted inside of your SharePoint where the app is installed. It doesn't have any custom service to collect any personal information, or anything related to your device when you use any of our apps. We do not connect to any third parties or web services and we do not and will not share any information about you or your use of the app without your written consent.

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