Maison - Asset Management Solution

by Maison Consulting & Solutions

Complete Asset Management Solution

This solution is designed to help asset management companies streamline their sales and customer service processes. It's built on top of Microsoft solutions such as Azure, Dynamics 365 Business Applications, and M365 products, providing a robust and reliable platform. The goal is to facilitate the sales team with a quick sales process, short and precise and linked with transaction level entries, Retail support team process is automated for Account Opening, Investment, Redemption, Conversion transactions booking. Similarly, the Customer Services team process capabilities are also enhanced with automated ticket management module using default case management.

Key features of the solution include:

  • Customer Management: Allows the management of customer information, including customer profiles, nominees, bank accounts, statements, and certificates.
  • Daily Transactions: Automates the process of recording and tracking daily transactions.
  • Automated Workflow: Provides automated workflow for approvals from different departments, allowing for a streamlined and efficient process.
  • Lead Management: Automates the lead management process, helping to identify and manage potential customers.
  • Portfolio Management: Allows asset management companies to easily track and manage their customers' portfolios, including positions, transactions, and performance.
  • Risk Management: Includes tools for risk assessment and monitoring, allowing companies to evaluate and mitigate risk in real-time.
  • Compliance Management: Helps asset management companies to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by automating compliance processes and providing built-in controls.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Provides a comprehensive set of reporting and analytics tools, allowing asset management companies to monitor performance and make data-driven decisions.
  • Integration: Integrates with MS Outlook and MS Teams, enabling seamless scheduling and collaboration between team members.
  • Scalable and flexible: The solution is designed to be flexible and scalable to adapt to the needs of different sized asset management companies, from SMEs to large enterprises.

This solution helps asset management companies to streamline their sales and customer service processes, reducing time and resources, and increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. With the integration of all Microsoft solution it makes the process faster and more reliable.

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