Speaker Engage: All-In-One Events Automation Platform

by Meylah Corporation

Speaker Engage consolidates event planning tasks, speaker and sponsor curation, and communications.

Before Speaker Engage: Files are scattered, communications are all-over the place, things slip through the cracks.

After Speaker Engage: Everything is centralized in one place, you stay on top of things, events run smoothly.

Speaker Engage is a cloud-based event platform built on Azure Cloud and Teams that aims to minimize manual tasks and automate workflows throughout the event planning process, particularly around engaging speakers and event talent. It's designed to enable micro-actions that planners can perform easily and quickly.

Speaker Engage is first and foremost an organizational tool that allows planners to manage their speakers, sponsors, and event resources in one place.

Speaker Engage includes speaker, sponsor, and master dashboards to view data that you’ve collected in each of these categories at a glance, and assists with the process of soliciting, selecting, and managing speakers and sponsors. It also has action and resource tracker functions so that planners can view their to-do lists and incorporate all relevant event documents within the platform. Communications with speakers and sponsors are also managed through the platform, and it is compliant with major data security regulations including GDPR and PII.

  • Speaker and Sponsor Curation: Speaker Engage's primary functionality is the management of event speakers and sponsors. It includes real-time dashboards that allow planners to see how many speakers and sponsors have been confirmed, as well as how many emails have been sent and opened, and — in the case of sponsors — how much funding has been committed. The dashboards also inform planners of any missing information to speaker and sponsor profiles that needs to be filled out prior to the event.

  • Communications: The platform also functions as an email marketing and communications tool. It gives planners the ability to create email templates that can then be used to populate email forms. Emails can be sent out individually or as bulk notifications and can also be scheduled in advance. The dashboards within the platform show how many total emails have been sent and how many have been opened.

  • Agenda Management: Speaker Engage enables planners to create an event agenda including detailed information about each session and the allocated speakers. The platform generates a live link that can be shared on websites or via email and updates live whenever changes are made by team members. Planners can also include collaboration notes to communicate information and tasks with their team members within each session.

  • Content Management: Speaker Engage acts as a centralized content management platform where planners can store all relevant documents and files. They can request and save materials such as speaker bios, abstracts, and presentations to each speaker and session profile. In addition, they can store resources like contracts, research articles, and flyers in the Resource Tracker to provide all team members access to necessary information.
  • Event Landing Page and Registration: Standard event registration landing page that will help you register more attendees and easily send communications through the platform
  • Assistance. The platform comes with an assistance feature that allows planners to reach out for help using the tool, and also provides resources for additional event services like speaker coaching, website development, digital marketing, setting up and hosting technologies, and/or social media promotion.

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