Mugato SaaS

by Mugato ApS

Mugato SaaS for IT Insights & Cloud Transformation

Looking for a data-driven approach to help you realize your cloud potential?

Mugato is a SaaS solution that provides insights into your IT-infrastructure to help you improve your IT. 

Mugato ensures successful cloud transformation with exceptional insights into your existing digital estate, algorithmic advice for your cloud transformation plan, and improvement throughout your transition and beyond. 

Get a full-automatic detailed inventory of your digital estate and see visual representations of your inventory, allowing you to improve and monitor your IT transformation.



As cloud technologies prevail, you need to decide how to take advantage of your cloud potential. There are many factors to consider, and you will often have to make decisions with limited information available. For your transformation to be successful, it is important to truly understand your existing digital estate and the interdependencies within your digital landscape, so you can plan your transformation with the right prioritizations.
At Mugato, we aspire for cloud transformation to be a data-driven process that starts with a detailed inventory of your existing digital estate. This is the foundation from which you get intelligent algorithmic advice with precise recommendations for planning your cloud adoption journey.
The solution serves algorithmic processing of your existing digital estate, so your transformation allows you to include optimization of the current spending to improve future IT.
This is the intelligent, data-driven approach to successful cloud transformation


Understand your digital estate and the interdependencies of your landscape of systems and applications.
Plan your cloud adoption based on intelligent algorithmic advice and understand your cloud cost across vendors.
Enhance your transformation. Optimize your current estate to improve your future IT. Ensure an optimal cloud environment: optimize resource utilization, reduce spending and mitigate cyber risk before you move to the cloud.
Monitor the progress of your transformation and maintain an overview of your entire IT platform throughout your transition and beyond.

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