DevOps Accelerator

by Fractal Analytics Inc.

Accelerate DevOps maturity and track development projects via Fractal Analytics and PowerBI resource

The DevOps Accelerator offering from Fractal Analytics is ideal for organizations looking to mature their DevOps practice, regardless of where they are at in their DevOps journey. This offer enables organizations with or without a DevOps practice to gain turnkey access to a team of DevOps experts who can help accelerate application development and delivery.

Also included in this offer is Azure DevOps Analytics Dashboard, a Power BI template app that is designed to improve development quality while improving team efficiency and transparency by tracking important metrics such as productivity, team progress, work quality, performance, and providing forecast insights.

By leveraging DevOps Accelerator, organizations can support development lifecycle management, outsource development projects, or gain additional support for ongoing projects.

Potential Timelines:
The DevOps Accelerator team at Fractal Analytics is capable of delivering a comprehensive POC for a single scenario in a roughly two-month timeframe (depending on project requirements), standing up a more mature DevOps capability in an organization in a similar timeframe, or supporting a more significant data science effort in an ongoing way.

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