New Horizon Supply Chain Planning Software Suite

by New Horizon Soft, LLC

AI-powered supply chain planning software for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers

New Horizon Supply Chain Planning Software Suite

A new approach to supply chain planning

Supply chain planning has been getting more difficult for many years. The pandemic was just the latest in a series of increasingly frequent natural, economic, and geopolitical disruptions that have created havoc for planners. Outsourcing and network complexity have increased lead times and supply chain risk. Global competition has intensified cost pressures. Shorter product lifecycles and increasing channel complexity have compounded demand uncertainty.

Software planning solutions have not kept up with the growing challenges. They have not taken full advantage of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. And most planning solutions remain too difficult to implement and cumbersome to use.

The New Horizon Planning Suite offers a new approach. Leveraging our founders’ experience implementing planning solutions at over 100 companies, New Horizon has developed an end-to-end planning solution that offers the latest advances in AI, machine learning, and modern cloud computing. Rich out-of-the-box industry templates targeted at the consumer products, wholesale distribution, foodservice, and retail industries make it possible to implement the solution in as little as one month. A more intuitive user experience means increased user adoption and planner productivity.

A comprehensive end-to-end supply chain planning software suite

The New Horizon Suite provides a complete planning solution consisting of eight applications built on a common platform:
  • Demand Planning: Leverage Facebook Prophet technology and the latest advances in AI and machine learning to produce the most accurate forecasts possible.
  • Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization: Use machine learning to produce more realistic safety stock plans at all tiers of the supply chain and reduce inventory while meeting target service levels.
  • Supply Planning: Plan capacity, procurement, distribution, truck loading, and allocation to increase the agility and responsiveness of your supply chain.
  • Buyers Workbench: Plan procurement, forward buying, and freight to reduce costs and gain competitive advantage.
  • Replenishment Planning: Plan retail operations down to the store level to maximize on-shelf availability while minimizing inventory.
  • Production Planning: Automatically generate constraint-based plans for work orders and materials purchases. Quickly update as conditions change.
  • Sales and Operations Planning: Align sales, marketing, supply chain, and finance teams to arrive at a consensus plan and achieve operational and financial goals.
  • Strategic Planning: Plan for the long term with capabilities like rough-cut capacity planning, scenario analysis, and capex planning to support your company’s strategic planning process and meet long-term goals.

Built from the ground up on a modern cloud-based enterprise platform

The New Horizon Suite is a new generation planning solution built from the ground up on New Horizon’s modern cloud-based platform, with features such as:
  • Unified data repository: Speed up planning and avoid data latency and integration headaches that plague suites cobbled together from disparate acquisitions.
  • Enterprise-grade security services: New Horizon is certified “Grade A” by Qualys SSL Labs.
  • Highly configurable workflow engine: Automate processes to maximize planner productivity.
  • Modern UX services: Experience a rich yet intuitive user experience (UX) benefiting from years of implementation experience and user feedback.
  • Robust integration services: Easy integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle ERP Cloud, and NetSuite.
  • AI and machine learning: Generate superior forecasts and optimized safety stock levels using the latest AI and machine learning technology.
  • Comprehensive administration services: Reduce the level of IT support needed by taking advantage of New Horizon’s self-service administration front end.

About New Horizon Soft, LLC

New Horizon’s supply chain planning suite harnesses the power of AI to enable planners to make better decisions with software that is faster to deploy and easier to use. Our applications are deployed by manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers such as SharkNinja, Golden State Foods, and the Greater Houston Retailers Cooperative Association. Visit us at

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