NSC3™ Unified Command Operating Platform

by NSION Ltd.

NSC3™ provides a vital tool for organizational visual mission control.

NSION provides device agnostic situational awareness and secure communications channels with live data transmission through secured management platforms.  

Owning or subscribing to a robust scalable communications platform with in your O365 environment, is what NSC3™ brings to the scene.

NSC3™ provides a vital tool for organizational visual mission control. Users get and share visual situational awareness using mobile cameras, phones, drones and surveillance cameras.

NSC3™ as an Interoperability Platform provides the “digital glue” that connects these disparate systems into a unified visualization and communication capability.

Key benefits:

  • View any video source also in the field​
  • Remote control of camera sensors​
  • Ultra low latency and transmission in any network​
  • Real time data transfer in SAT/2G/3G/4G​
  • Two times faster than competing platforms​
  • Secured data​ with TLS1.3 / AES256 GCM
  • Easy to control access to data​
  • Full operation data chain of custody​
  • Integration API for external applications to stream​
  • Easy to share video between task participants​
  • Application support for any camera source​
Commanders and field crews can get real-time information to make life-saving decisions fast and in a secure environment that enables situational awareness as the event unfolds. 

The NSC3™ Platform includes the following component apps:
NSC Webapp™ , a web application that provides a dashboard view through any device that supports a web browser. This allows the Command Center and field locations to be on the same page throughout the deployment of the fire.
NSC Mobile™ enables video from smartphones to be streamed, recorded, and shared with team members. NSC Mobile™ also allows team members to see the video stream from drones and different mobile phones. Other features include Push-To-Talk, mapping, and chat capabilities.
NSC Drone™  enables live video streaming from the drone camera or cameras. It allows secure recording for after-action reviews, training, and evidence, if needed.
NSC IoT™  enables the integration of other devices, such as cameras, sensors, and license plate readers into the platform. If your fleet of vehicles is equipped with mobile routers, NSC3™ can add more capability to your investment.

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