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officeatwork | Uploader

officeatwork AG

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A simple and efficient way to create, upload and update re-usable content for Office

officeatwork Uploader

This solution contains a collection of Apps and Add-Ins offering any Office user an ingeniously simple and smart way to create, upload and update their own Office contents. Users can just select any content within a document and, with the click of a button, create a new or update existing contents in on of the sets of their personal, their department's, or their company's curated officeatwork content libraries for Office.

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The following Apps and Add-Ins are included in this offering:

The Uploader experience is embedded within various products via Add-Ins or Apps. They provide access to the same content libraries across the following products:

  • Microsoft Word

 These are the currently supported cloud storage locations for templates:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft OneDrive for Business

The Uploader solution also comes along with the 'officeatwork | Admin Center' app allowing an administrator to configure the Uploader experience for all users in one place.

To use this 'Uploader' solution you will need to have an Office 365 Work or School account. To be able to configure all the options in the 'officeatwork | Admin Center' you might also need to be an Office 365 Administrator.