Data Toolkit

by oh22

Extend Excel to a complete self-service ETL tool.

Extracting, preparing, cleaning, standardizing, generally transforming and then saving data - these are classic steps in an ETL (Extract - Transform - Load) process. No matter how and where you want to process your data, in over 90% of all work that has to do with data, such tasks arise. Today, these steps are often referred to as Data Wrangling, Data Munging or Data Massage.

With Power Query – already integrated in Excel – and our oh22is Data Toolkit, you can now transform Excel into a full self-service ETL tool. Load data from any data source and transform it directly in Excel using Power Query and then save the processed data in a target of your choice.

  • With the Data Toolkit it is possible to store data in various destinations, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Power BI, Azure Data Lake Store or SAP HANA
  • Data can be exported to various file formats, such as Apache Avro, JSON or T-SQL
  • With the Queries & Connection function you can directly access Power Query Connections and Queries created in the Excel Workbook
Whether you are a developer, information worker or a specialist, the Data Toolkit gives you the ability to quickly and easily prepare data in Excel and save it to a target of your choice. Streamline your data processing processes considerably with the oh22is Data Toolkit and transform Excel into your personal self-service ETL tool.

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