OneView Cloud Expense Management

OneNebula (Pty) Ltd

OneView provides visibility into cloud usage and costs for multiple cloud providers.

OneView Cloud Expense Management solves 2 main challenges - (1) Recovery and categorising of cloud costs into different business owners and (2) multi-cloud spend optimization. 

OneView Cloud Expense Management provides integrated baseline reporting, a detailed live dashboard and full tagging and cost recovery functionality. 

  • Leverage the benefits of cloud without financial risk
  • Always have full, detailed insight into your cloud spend
  • Identify environment optimisations and cost efficiencies

Cost-related challenges associated with cloud technology can be fully managed and optimised with OneView features. 

Cloud Baseline, Dashboard and Analytics: Comparison of budget and actual spend, per month and year to date ; Detailed analysis of cloud spend per cost centre and resource group.

Recharge and Cost Centre Tagging: Tag and report on specific cost centres, resource groups or projects allowing you to see exactly where cloud resources are being spent.

Environment Optimisation: Identification of unnecessary and redundant cloud resource costs ; Cloud cost forecasting functionality allows the enterprise to budget for predicted future cloud spend.