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Perspective – Data Governor


A Reliable and Timely Analytics Foundation delivered Fast

Perspective Data Governor automates the common task of establishing a Data Warehouse in a matter of days.

Quick to Onboard Data

A web based console allows you to establish a connection, select your tables and create a staging environment in minutes.

Reconciles Automatically

Data Governor provides the ability to create and automate the execution of reconciliation rules between source and target, and define comparison rules at different levels of granularity.

Manages Processing

A wizard driven interface makes it simple to define dependencies between jobs and tasks, across different types of processing, without needing to write a single line of code.

Perspective Data Governor:

• Allows you to define which new data to onboard to your warehouse in a matter of minutes.

• Features a user-friendly web interface allowing you to select your data source, choose the tables you want to process incrementally, and schedule the frequency of refreshing data without having to write any code.

• Allows you to reuse your existing ETL or ELT logic in Stored Procedures, SSIS packages, PowerShell or Operating System commands so you can build upon your existing foundation without rework.

• Comes with in-built quality controls which alert reconciliation issues before they become a real problem.